Anti-Ageing &  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We all want to look and feel young for longer. Many people try to accomplish this with healthier eating and drinking, more exercise and more sleep. Then they are those who hold back the years with food supplements, anti-ageing gadgets and cosmetic surgery.

So how does Hyperbaric Oxygen slow down ageing?

The extra oxygen provided by a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) session has the potential to increase your body’s levels of ATP, thereby boosting your   energy and promoting faster recovery from  fatigue; quicken cell growth and tissue repair and to reduce swelling and inflammation by facilitating faster growth of new blood vessels.  It can also boost your immune system by enhancing the antiviral and antibiotic capabilities of the white blood cells and it improves your  neurological functioning and mental   clarity.

HBOT Helps All Kinds of People

It is used to help patients suffering from MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, infections, arthritis and a huge range of other medical conditions.

As we all know, oxygen is vital for life, and life cannot exist without it. It follows that oxygen is essential for effective healing and recovery.

During HBOT, you enter our barochamber where you breathe pure oxygen at  atmospheric pressure. These conditions enable an increased supply of oxygen to be taken in by your lungs and dissolved into your blood.

A good analogy is this: if you try to dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in a cold glass of water, it will only partly dissolve. Warm up the water and all the sugar will dissolve. This is what happens to oxygen under pressure. The extra oxygen in your body will boost your energy, fitness and general wellbeing and enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.

General guidance, especially on protocols and the likelihood of benefit, is obtained from the coordinator of the Oxygen Helpline Petra Kliempt BSc MPH PhD, who is the Hon. Specialist Trainer in Hyperbaric Medicine to the NHS in Scotland.  The Oxygen Helpline and MS National Therapy Centres are also assisted by the Hon. Medical Adviser Emeritus Professor Philip B.James

Our centre operates a self-referral process.

It is always recommended that clients visit their GP or Consultant before commencing HBOT.

There is no intention implied or otherwise that HBOT is given so with the intention of it being a cure diagnosis or as a preventative for any disease.  Any references, studies or testimonials on our website, or in our literature does not imply that similar results will occur when the same therapy is experienced by another.